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Your Voice Could be the Difference

Creative Safety Supply Podcast
Creative Safety Publishing Podcast

For over seven years now Creative Safety Supply (CSS) has been a leader in visual safety. Recently, a new division of CSS has sprung into action in the form of Creative Safety Publishing. The publishing division holds the same mission as the parent division, but with limitless capabilities to improve workplace safety and help spread lean philosophies to millions of enthusiast everywhere at anytime .

To be Creative, Positive and Help Our Customers Build a Safe Workplace

-Mission Statement –Creative Safety Supply

Your voice matters

A major part of our publishing division will focus on podcast from leaders in the safety and lean industries. Thanks to lean expert Mark Grabin, our first podcast is up and available for listening anytime.

Authoritative voices like Graban’s can be a major benefit to the safety and lean world. Our goal within our publishing site is to have several voices to help expand the world of safety management that we all have come to be passionate about. Our belief is that with the right approach we can spread the knowledge of experts through a channel of communication that is one of the easiest and most accessible forms of technology we have.

We all live busy lives consume information in different ways. Having the tools to spread valuable information is key to expanding the minds and skills of the diverse world we live in. Combining your voice with accompanying text will give a larger audience the content necessary to broaden their safety and lean knowledge wherever they might be.

Time Management
Time Management

Time is precious

As a firm believer in the “lean way,” we feel the value of time is priceless. Working on ways to be more efficient and productive are always apart of our daily goal for our company and anyone willing to listen. We know that our daily lives can be full of obstacles that fill our time, however there are usually ways to make even the most inefficient time seem well spent.

Take the safety coordinator of a large business or busy CEO of a small construction company who’s waiting in traffic to get to their next meeting. This is an ideal time to open up a recent podcast from the publishing site and get valuable information they could possibly use in their meeting or back on the job.

We all love to commute to work right? We put on the same talk radio or music station we are accustom to and turn into a zombie for the hour or so drive we have to and from work. This is an ideal time to take in new ideas and strengthen our beliefs in the systems we work so hard to improve on.

Having lunch by yourself at your favorite outdoor dining spot? What a perfect time to pop in your earphones and catch the latest kaizen update from a leader in kaizen philosophy.

Even the times when we think time doesn’t matter (even though we all know, time always matters), we can still find it valuable to listen in on new information.

Working together

The fast paced and ever changing world we live in relies on innovators and leaders to drive information to those willing to consume and accept it. The collaboration of authoritative voices in the safety and lean communities with Creative Safety Publishing can help spread a wealth of information to the millions of enthusiasts around the globe.

If you would like to be apart of our podcast series or know someone that would, please contact us at or at 1-866-777-1360.

Creative Safety Publishing’s Noble Purpose

To be Creative, Positive, and help our customers build a safe work place. Always think about how our audience is going to be different, better, and safer as a result of our content. You have a hand in keeping people safe at work so they can live their life and spend time with their family and friends.

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