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What to Know About LabelTac Software

Every purchase of an industrial label printer from the LabelTac series includes an extremely intuitive and easy to use LabelTac software, called LabelSuite. The LabelSuite software is a $299 value that you will receive free of charge.

What’s in the LabelTac software? 

LabelTac Software
Printer with the LabelTac Software

LabelSuite is chock full of features that make creating custom labels easy and quick. The software is easy to navigate, and you can be designing, creating, and printing custom labels in just a matter of minutes.

  • Symbols: There is both a library of downloaded symbols as well as access to an online library of thousands of symbols you can search from. From GHS hazard pictograms to 5S and Lean manufacturing symbols and everything in between, you can find the perfect symbol for your needs. If you need a fire safety symbol, you have a choice of over ten different flame symbols to choose from.
  • Templates: While the LabelTac software gives you the option to create a label from scratch, there are also many templates to give you a starting off point. There are several different options for templates: GHS labels, NFPA diamonds, first aid templates, and much more. LabelSuite will take the template you choose and makes each component ready to edit. You can easily swap out symbols, delete or add text, change colors in a few minutes.
  • Labeling wizards: Creating some labels can be more difficult than others. LabelSuite has three different wizards: one for GHS labeling, one for pipe marking, and one for ammonia pipe marking. The wizard guides you effortlessly to a final label that is professional quality and compliant with industry standards. As an example, we will look at the GHS label wizard. All you need to get started is the name of the chemical or substance you need to create a label for, like benzoic acid or polyethylene polymer. Simply type that into the search button and the GHS wizard will add the corresponding signal word, the product ID, hazard pictogram(s), and a complete hazard statement. If you know the name of what you’re labeling, you can create a professional and compliant label in under five minutes! 

If you have any questions or run into any problems using the LabelTac software, your lifetime support for your LabelTac printer applies to LabelSuite! Call up the labeling experts at Creative Safety Supply and they will help you out and answer any questions. You will also have access to upgrades for life. Anytime the software is updated, you will be able to upgrade the software for new features.

The line of LabelTac industrial label printers can turn your desk or workbench into a custom sign shop! The LabelSuite software adds another level of customization to your labels and makes it simple to design and print professional labels and signs in a matter of minutes, and will last for years to come.

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