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The new, unsafe generation of workers

< 1 min read Elaine Cullen, Prima Consulting Services Details. New workers, those born between 1982 and 2002, are sorely lacking in basic skills. They are deficient in science, math, use of hand tools and more, causing them to be a safety risk for themselves and others. Elaine Cullen, of Prima Consulting Services, contributed …

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The Safety Iceberg

< 1 min read The Safety Iceberg…and the Cultural Iceberg Details. Just 10% of workplace safety issues are obvious. Rosa Carrillo suggests that 90% lurk below the waterline due to cultural lack of awareness. She discusses this safety iceberg with host Dan Clark in this podcast. Ms. Carrillo is a safety consultant, speaker, author …

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Be A Safety Role Model

< 1 min read Krista Hoffmeister’s study of Safety Leadership Details. If company owners and managers set a good example, does on-the-job safety improve for workers? That question was posed by Krista Hoffmeister, a student at Colorado State University. Krista is part of a Safety Management Applied Research Team which surveyed workers, then published …

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