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Mining Safety: What You Need to Know

4 min read Visual communication is essential to occupational safety and this is especially true if the workplace is a notoriously hazardous mine. The Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) requires that mine operators follow safety guidelines to reduce the risks of safety hazards. Mines should also employ visual safety tools such as …

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Visual Communication 101

3 min read Visual communication is one of the most effective and widely understood forms of communication, and that is especially true in facilities and warehouses. There is a plethora of places and spaces in a workplace to add visual cues: the wall, the floor, shelves and racks, pipes, wires, machines, and virtually …

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Provide Safe Walking Surfaces

4 min read Walking through the workplace may seem like a simple task that doesn’t require much attention. It’s often that type of thinking that leads to an environment where workers experience slips, trips and falls too frequently. According to OSHA, the majority of accidents in general industry are the result of slips, …

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How to Use Safety Posters Effectively

4 min read Safety posters cover the walls in many workplaces and can make useful additions to a safety program. They help make the workplace more visual, which makes both work tasks and safety easier to understand. While safety posters can be very useful, if they are thrown up on a wall without …

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Workplace Safety for Non-English Speakers

4 min read As American workplaces become increasingly diverse, language can become an obstacle for many businesses. Workers who don’t speak English or for whom English is not their first language may struggle to understand workplace procedures. When the procedures in question are related to safety, lack of comprehension or misunderstanding are especially …

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6 Reasons to Invest in a Visual Workplace

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5 min read A visual workplace uses tools like safety signs, labels, floor markings and other visual cues to communicate information quickly. This information may alert people to hazards, serve as a reminder or provide instructions. You may think your workplace doesn’t need added visuals. Maybe you have a good safety record and production …

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