Safety Management System Improvements

Maureen Johnson, CSP, Integrated Health Services Program Manager for IBM. Details: Hear about Safety Management Systems from Maureen Johnson, Integrated Health Services Program Manager for IBM. Maureen explains the progress made in keeping workers safe. She urges companies large and small to have some kind of SMS, such as OSHA’s VPP, Sharp, I2P2, ANSI Z10, or OHSAS

Safety Recognition Programs That Work

Steve Geigle of OSHAcademy Safety & Health Training Details: Find out why most safety recognition programs fail. Steve Geigle, an OSHA trainer for 16 years, gives tips how to build a successful program that tracks leading indicators (near misses), not lagging indicators (accidents and injuries). He offers the 15 S’s you need to implement your

Do A Combustible Dust Test

Preventing Fatal Accidents at Work Details. Fine metal or organic particles can burst into flames. Dust explosions can happen in a confined space without notice. Hear dust and flammability expert Dr. Ashok Dastidar discuss a Go/No-Go test, and how to collect a sample of dust in your facility. Dr. Dastidar warns that

High Noise Levels Cause Injuries

Loud workplaces are unsafe Details. If you have to shout to be heard by a coworker, even though they’re right next to you, you’re at a higher risk for on-the-job injuries. Prof. Tony Leroux of the University of Montréal tells about his group’s recent study on hearing loss related to work-related injuries.

Are Workers Good Safety Observers?

Can you count on regular employees to monitor safety? Details. Can you count on regular employees to monitor safety? Cary Usrey of Predictive Solutions gives his opinion, and the research to back it up. Cary started his career in the U.S. Navy’s Nuclear Power Program. Cary graduated with his Associate’s Degree in

Chris Holcombe – No-Itch, Flame-Resistant Clothes

Bulwark FR develops comfortable, flame-resistant workwear Details. Chris Holcombe VP, GM of Bulwark FR, describes their breakthrough in flame-resistant clothing. Clothing that is NOT hot, heavy, stiff or itchy. With their partner Milliken & Company, Bulwark is creating light and breathable clothes which give protection from flash fires and arc flash. It’s

The Safety Iceberg

The Safety Iceberg…and the Cultural Iceberg Details. Just 10% of workplace safety issues are obvious. Rosa Carrillo suggests that 90% lurk below the waterline due to cultural lack of awareness. She discusses this safety iceberg with host Dan Clark in this podcast. Ms. Carrillo is a safety consultant, speaker, author and MSOD.

Be A Safety Role Model

Krista Hoffmeister’s study of Safety Leadership Details. If company owners and managers set a good example, does on-the-job safety improve for workers? That question was posed by Krista Hoffmeister, a student at Colorado State University. Krista is part of a Safety Management Applied Research Team which surveyed workers, then published the results

The 5-Second Rule Is Real

Prof. Anthony Hilton – Aston University – Scientists Prove The Five-Second Food Rule Does Exist Details. Is it safe to eat food you dropped on the floor in the employee lunchroom? Prof. Anthony Hilton, head of Biology and Biomedical Sciences at Aston University, Birmingham, England, reveals the results of his microbiology study.