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The Concepts of Kaizen

Kaizen concepts

3 min read Kaizen is a philosophy, a methodology, and a way of mind. There are a number of tools and conceptskaizen utilizes to inspire the continuous mindset. Below are a few of our favorite. Management: In kaizen, management has two functions: maintenance and improvement. Setting standards and keeping them is an important …

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Respect For People And A3

< 1 min read Bill Greider of P4 Lean Strategy Consulting Details. Lean thinker Bill Greider coaches companies on using “A3” teams to do bite-sized improvements all around a company. With A3, businesses can fix near-misses, production inefficiencies and even customer complaints. A3 employs “respect for people” from the Toyota Production System. Scroll to …

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Lean IT and Business

< 1 min read Steve Bell – Lean IT and Business Details. Lean IT expert Steve Bell helps solve the long-standing battle between a company’s goal of Continuous Improvement and IT’s perceived lack of agility. It’s a constant friction between managemeet wanting computer/network changes now, and IT wanting to slow the pace and do …

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Starting Continuous Improvement

< 1 min read Jeff Hajek of Velaction on creating a continuous improvement culture Details. Jeff Hajek of Velaction talks about creating a continuous improvement culture, and what kind of structure a company needs to support it, in this podcast hosted by Antonio Ferraro Mr. Hajek is the author of “Whaddaya Mean I Gotta …

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Kaizen Events That Rock

< 1 min read Mark Hamel On How To Implement Successful Kaizen Events Details. Mark Hamel is a Lean/Six Sigma implementation consultant and award-winning author of the Kaizen Event Fieldbook. Mark also created and writes the Lean blog “Gemba Tales.” The always-busy author is also the cofounder of another blog, “Lean Math.” Mark writes …

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10 Commandments For Continuous Growth

4 min read Sustaining a path of continuous improvement and growth can be the ultimate challenge for any organization. Whether you’re a Lean organization or not, continuous growth is something that all should strive for. However, it’s easier said than done. Which is why we at Creative Safety Publishing have come up with …

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Lean Methodology In Healthcare

13 min read Mark Graban of KaiNexus, expert in lean healthcare. Details. We talk about lean in the world of healthcare with Mark Graban, author, consultant and speaker in the lean healthcare methodology. Mark is author of the Shingo Award winning book “Lean Hospitals” and the book “Healthcare Kaizen.” Mark is also the …

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Safety Experts Talk – Overview

2 min read Brandon Nys, Dan Clark Details Introduction to the podcast series Safety Experts Talk from Creative Safety Supply. Brandon Nys and Dan Clark describe the series, where safety experts talk about industry news, OSHA regulations, PPE, lean, 5S, and continuous improvement. The interviews with these industry leaders last up to 60 …

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