Simplifying Asset Management with Labels

asset tagging

It is important when managing assets, especially when they are customer owned, to be able to clearly identify and report condition of tooling and equipment.  In the case of customer-owned tooling, there are often agreements that the business is responsible to maintain their equipment, but in order to do so, a meticulous process of budgeting and reporting is required. The first step in being able to manage tooling and assets is to have a good …

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Lean Six Sigma Can Improve Environmental Performance


The term Lean Six Sigma, actually a combination of Lean and Six Sigma, is a methodology first implemented in the manufacturing sector that aims to continuously improve the workplace. These terms are fairly complex, but in a nutshell, Lean is concerned with reducing waste in the workplace by identifying anything that isn’t adding value to end products for customers (such as wasted time, movement, materials, etc.). Six Sigma principles emerge from a similar line of thinking and …

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Workplace Lighting Can Increase Safety and Productivity

Lamps, Workplace Lighting

You turn on the lights at the beginning of the day and you turn them off when you leave. For most people, that’s probably all the thought they give to workplace lighting. Lighting may seem like a simple part of the work environment, but if it isn’t done right, it can lead to complaints such as eyestrain, eye irritation, eye dryness, blurred vision and headaches. Additionally, poor lighting can create safety issues and reduce productivity …

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6 Pains to Avoid During a Pipe Labeling Project

Pipe Labeling, Pipe Marking

If you are in charge of safety for a large facility, a pipe labeling project—perhaps to get your workplace in line with industry standards or improve your current labeling system—can be a big task. You need to know the requirements and labeling options, but you also need to have in-depth knowledge of your own space. What flows through each pipe? Is it a liquid or a gas? Which direction does it travel? Jumping into a …

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6 Reasons to Invest in a Visual Workplace

safety sign, danger sign

A visual workplace uses tools like safety signs, labels, floor markings and other visual cues to communicate information quickly. This information may alert people to hazards, serve as a reminder or provide instructions. You may think your workplace doesn’t need added visuals. Maybe you have a good safety record and production is up, and making your workplace more visual seems like extra work you don’t have time for. Investing in a visual workplace is worth your …

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10 Commandments For Continuous Growth

10 Commandments To Continuous Improvement

Sustaining a path of continuous improvement and growth can be the ultimate challenge for any organization. Whether you’re a Lean organization or not, continuous growth is something that all should strive for. However, it’s easier said than done. Which is why we at Creative Safety Publishing have come up with our own 10 Commandments For Continuous Growth to help organizations in their pursuit of continuous growth and improvement. The commandments are a reminder that continuous …

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