The Concepts of Kaizen

Kaizen concepts

Kaizen is a philosophy, a methodology, and a way of mind. There are a number of tools and conceptskaizen utilizes to inspire the continuous mindset. Below are a few of our favorite. Management: In kaizen, management has two functions: maintenance and improvement. Setting standards and keeping them is an important part of kaizen. One of management’s primary roles is to maintain the technological and operating standards that have been put into place. They make sure …

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Lean Six Sigma Can Improve Environmental Performance


The term Lean Six Sigma, actually a combination of Lean and Six Sigma, is a methodology first implemented in the manufacturing sector that aims to continuously improve the workplace. These terms are fairly complex, but in a nutshell, Lean is concerned with reducing waste in the workplace by identifying anything that isn’t adding value to end products for customers (such as wasted time, movement, materials, etc.). Six Sigma principles emerge from a similar line of thinking and …

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Will Climate Change Impact Worker Safety?

Climate Change

Climate change often seems huge in scale, something that countries and large organizations need to think about. We’ve all heard the importance of thinking about climate change on a smaller scale, though, and finding ways to reduce emissions, throw away less trash and save energy. One topic that often gets overlooked during discussions of climate change, however, is worker safety. A changing climate with higher temperatures, less consistent weather patterns and stronger storms could impact …

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Safety Goals for the New Year


2015 is quickly approaching, and with the arrival of the New Year many people will be making New Year’s resolutions. This year, in addition to resolving to eat better and go to the gym more frequently, try making some resolutions for your safety program, too. Having clear goals as you approach 2015 can help you make plans for a safer and more successful year. Need some ideas for good safety goals? One of these five …

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Continuous Improvement In Manufacturing

Tony Ferraro, Continuous Improvement Blogger, Creative Safety Publishing. Details. Hear how to improve a process, increase safety and save money from Tony Ferraro. But, Tony says to make sure your customers are happy with the end product. Tony is a continuous improvement blogger for Creative Safety Supply. He’s experienced in 5S, Six Sigma, kaizen and lean. Tony shares some great tips on starting a program of continuous improvement. See links to Tony’s writing in the …

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Respect For People And A3

Bill Greider of P4 Lean Strategy Consulting Details. Lean thinker Bill Greider coaches companies on using “A3” teams to do bite-sized improvements all around a company. With A3, businesses can fix near-misses, production inefficiencies and even customer complaints. A3 employs “respect for people” from the Toyota Production System. Scroll to the end of the transcript for a link to Bill’s weekly blog. Interview Transcript (:00) Brandon Nys: Welcome to Safety Experts Talk. Visit our website …

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Lean IT and Business

Steve Bell – Lean IT and Business Details. Lean IT expert Steve Bell helps solve the long-standing battle between a company’s goal of Continuous Improvement and IT’s perceived lack of agility. It’s a constant friction between managemeet wanting computer/network changes now, and IT wanting to slow the pace and do it right. Hear about Kaizen, and how IT departments are now considered strategic partners in business planning, due to so much online interaction with the …

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Are Workers Good Safety Observers?

Can you count on regular employees to monitor safety? Details. Can you count on regular employees to monitor safety? Cary Usrey of Predictive Solutions gives his opinion, and the research to back it up. Cary started his career in the U.S. Navy’s Nuclear Power Program. Cary graduated with his Associate’s Degree in Occupational Safety and Health from Trinidad State Junior College in Colorado, is a member of the Central FL chapter of the ASSE, and …

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Lean Success Stories

Matt Wrye says double-down on safety and efficiency with 5S and Lean Details. Matt Wrye is a Lean implementer, with a passion for continuous learning on all subjects related to business and Lean. He is writer and publisher of the Lean blog Matt has worked in multiple business positions, including HR, finance, engineering and operations to help them improve their processes. In this podcast, Matt gives examples from his own career about 5S and …

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Starting Continuous Improvement

Jeff Hajek of Velaction on creating a continuous improvement culture Details. Jeff Hajek of Velaction talks about creating a continuous improvement culture, and what kind of structure a company needs to support it, in this podcast hosted by Antonio Ferraro Mr. Hajek is the author of “Whaddaya Mean I Gotta Be Lean?” and “The Continuous Improvement Companion,” the free, award-winning, comprehensive, Lean / Six Sigma encyclopedia. Jeff is also the founder of Velaction, a company …

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