Starting A Visual Workplace, Pt. 2

Gwendolyn Galsworth Pt. 2 – Visual Thinking Details: Starting A Visual Workplace should not mean you’ll get a pink slip because of workplace efficiency. Dr. Gwendolyn Galsworth explains. In this 2nd podcast with Dr. Galsworth, she points out that Visuality will create new efficiencies in the workplace. However, workers should not worry about being eliminated.

Starting Lean Six Sigma, Pt. 2

Chuck Hardy, Quality Control Director at NMEDA Details: Chuck Hardy shares his Lean / Six Sigma journey with us, including his time as Sr. Test Technician and Sr. Quality Assurance Engineer. He also tells about his current position as Quality Control Director at NMEDA, The National Mobility Equipment Dealers Association. Chuck refers to some great

Back to Basics and a Little Humor

Communication concept isolated on white

Special thanks to lean extraordinaire Mark Graban for giving us all a good laugh and something to reflect on. Back to Basics While we laugh and enjoy this video, it should be no surprise that this is an all too common occurrence within organizations trying to implement lean. 5S and lean are supposed to make

Safety Experts Talk – Overview

Brandon Nys, Dan Clark Details: Introduction to the podcast series Safety Experts Talk from Creative Safety Supply. Brandon Nys and Dan Clark describe the series, where safety experts talk about industry news, OSHA regulations, PPE, lean, 5S, and continuous improvement. The interviews with these industry leaders last up to 60 minutes. See more at creativesafetysupply.com/podcast.