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Reviewing the LabelTac 4 Printer

Having a label printer in a warehouse or facility has so many benefits! From creating labels in-house to customizing all types of printers, you can truly turn your desk or workbench into a sign shop. LabelTac printers are developed to create durable, professional looking labels in just a matter of minutes. Different workplaces have different needs when it comes to choosing an industrial labeling system. Many variables go into this choice including print speed, budget, size of the printer, etc. Today we will be looking at the entry level option of the LabelTac series of industrial label printers: the LabelTac 4 Printer.

LabelTac 4 Printer
LabelTac 4 Printer

Why the LabelTac 4 Printer?

Out of the entire line of LabelTac printers, the LabelTac 4 is the most compact and most budget-friendly making it the “entry level” model of the LabelTac series. Although the bigger printers may be recommended for larger print jobs, the LabelTac 4 printer is still capable of printing up to 500 labels in a single day and can print four inches per second. The printer itself weighs less than five pounds, meaning it can be transported quickly and used in all areas of a workplace.

LabelTac printers produce labels that can withstand the elements of an industrial workplace. These labels will not fade or smudge whether they’re placed outside or in. The high-quality LabelTac ribbon ensures whatever text or symbols printed on the label cannot be scratched out and will stay readable for many years to come. The LabelTac 4 Printer can print labels from ½” to 4” in width, and up to 40 inches long. The regular adhesive vinyl supply is perfect for adhering to the mall, a machine, or most types of equipment. There is however, a variety of supplies you can purchase that use static cling, magnetic, or temporary backing.

There are many different applications for using a LabelTac 4 printer, giving you the opportunity to design and create a variety of different labels quickly. From first aid labels and signs, to OSHA compliant danger signs, you can increase safety awareness with visual communication. The LabelTac 4 Printer is ideal for pipe marking projects, 5S projects, creating tags, and much more; the options are virtually endless!

The series of LabelTac printers all feature a full lifetime warranty, the intuitive LabelSuite software, and lifetime support from the labeling experts at Creative Safety Supply, all free of charge! Whether you need help troubleshooting or have a pressing label question, they are here to help. The LabelSuite software is full of symbols and templates to create professional grade custom labels, or you can start from scratch.

If you are considering purchasing an industrial label printer, the LabelTac 4 Printer is an excellent entry level printer to get you started! It can still handle large printing projects, and will produce clear and durable labels.

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