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Safety Experts Talk – Overview

Safety Experts Talk - Overview

Brandon Nys, Dan Clark

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Safety Experts TalkIntroduction to the podcast series Safety Experts Talk from Creative Safety Supply. Brandon Nys and Dan Clark describe the series, where safety experts talk about industry news, OSHA regulations, PPE, lean, 5S, and continuous improvement. The interviews with these industry leaders last up to 60 minutes. See more at

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Brandon Nys: Welcome to Safety Experts Talk. Visit our website at for more info, including links and transcripts.

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Brandon: Hello, I’m Brandon Nys.

Dan Clark: And I’m Dan Clark.

Brandon: Safety Experts Talk is a podcast series with relevant, on-topic insight in 30 to 60 minute interviews with industry leaders in safety, 5S, Lean, Six Sigma and other continuous improvement genres.


Dan: From PPE to safety software and tools, from visual workplace case studies to GHS labeling standards to Kaizen principles, you’ll find a rich library of safety related topics in these podcasts, a service of Creative Safety Supply. To dig deeper, see the transcripts for each of these podcasts with links and illustrations at

Brandon: If you, as a safety manager, foreman or company owner are looking to improve your own facility or organization, listen here for inspiration. We interview speakers, authors and authoritative voices in the safety arena.

Dan: As managers run out of time to spend reading long-winded documents about safety practices, the ability to provide solid and well balanced safety guidance in the workplace suffers. Solution? In the transcripts for Safety Experts Talk, we offer click-through links to our blog, posters, guides, DVDs, and other solutions from Many of these are free.

Brandon: So, what’s the ROI? It’s a proven fact that installing and supporting a well developed. That comes from a study by Georgetown University. So, creating a solid business that takes care of its employees who, in turn, take care of your organization, is worthwhile.

Dan: Our goal is to deliver informative, meaningful podcasts so you can listen whenever you have a free moment…like commuting to the office or jobsite.

Brandon: So listen to Safety Experts Talk, where guests speak freely about safety in the workplace. We’re here to empower owners, team leaders and workers with safe practices for themselves and their entire team, a service of Creative Safety Supply.
Dan: Don’t forget the full transcripts with links and illustrations at

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