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Kaizen Events That Rock

< 1 min read Mark Hamel On How To Implement Successful Kaizen Events Details. Mark Hamel is a Lean/Six Sigma implementation consultant and award-winning author of the Kaizen Event Fieldbook. Mark also created and writes the Lean blog “Gemba Tales.” The always-busy author is also the cofounder of another blog, “Lean Math.” Mark writes …

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Starting A Visual Workplace, Pt. 1

< 1 min read Gwendolyn Galsworth Pt. 1 – Visual Thinking Details. Dr. Gwendolyn Galsworth, the president and founder of Visual Thinking, Inc., defines the Visual Workplace as “A work environment that is self ordering, self explaining, self regulating and self improving where what is supposed to happen does happen on time, every time, …

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Starting A Visual Workplace, Pt. 2

< 1 min read Gwendolyn Galsworth Pt. 2 – Visual Thinking Details. Implementing a Visual Workplace does not mean you’ll lose your job. In this podcast, Dr. Gwendolyn Galsworth explains that new efficiencies should not cause workers to be eliminated. She also tells of her career history, how she worked with Norman Bodek, and …

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Scott Corriveau from Ansell

11 min read Scott Corriveau from Ansell discusses their new Worker Experience Innovation Details. In this podcast, President and GM of Ansell’s Global Industrial Business Unit joins us to talk abut their new Worker Experience Innovation program and what’s missing in the personal protective equipment world. Interview Transcript Brandon: Welcome to the Creative …

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Starting Lean Six Sigma, Pt. 1

< 1 min read Chuck Hardy – Lean Six Sigma (Part 1) [resp-plater width=”50%” mp3=”https://www.creativesafetypublishing.com/wp-content/uploads/podcasts/Starting_Lean_Six_Sigma_Pt1.mp3″] Details. Chuck Hardy, Quality Control Dir. at NMEDA, shares his story of being a Six Sigma Black Belt. Chuck also tells about current position as Quality Control Director at non-profit NMEDA (The National Mobility Equipment Dealers Association). He compare …

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10 Rules For Forklift Safety

< 1 min read Tony Ferraro, Continuous Improvement Blogger for Creative Safety Publishing Details Today, Brandon Nys from Creative Safety Publishing will be talking with Antonio Ferraro about about 10 Rules For Forklift Safety. Tony is one of our content writers/investigators, and he’s knowledgable about this critical area of safety in almost every facility. …

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Safety Experts Talk – Overview

2 min read Brandon Nys, Dan Clark Details Introduction to the podcast series Safety Experts Talk from Creative Safety Supply. Brandon Nys and Dan Clark describe the series, where safety experts talk about industry news, OSHA regulations, PPE, lean, 5S, and continuous improvement. The interviews with these industry leaders last up to 60 …

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Be our next speaker!

< 1 min read Be our guest, share your story! We encourage you to share YOUR story. We’ve interviewed men and women in the world of safety, and want you to be next. View our Podcast Release Form page for more information.