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Learning About LabelTac Ribbon

LabelTac Ribbon

Thermal transfer printing utilizes thermal heating technology to create labels and signs that are guaranteed to last years. The LabelTac printers are a series of industrial labeling printers that produce professional-grade custom labels using thermal transfer printing. During this process, wax is heated and melted off a roll of ribbon onto usually a vinyl label to create an extremely durable bond. When using LabelTac ribbon and LabelTac supply, you can be sure that the labels and signs you print can withstand the conditions of an industrial environment.

Understanding LabelTac Ribbon

In the printing process, the supply is like the paper and the ribbon is considered the ink. LabelTac ribbon is designed to keep text, symbols, and pictures looking crisp in the workplace. The ribbon was developed to not smudge, scratch, or fade over time, whether in outdoors or in a manufacturing facility. For example, if you are printing a “Fire Extinguisher Here” label, the red supply will not bleed into the white ribbon ensuring you a crisp label without pink letters or s smeared fire extinguisher symbol.

Ribbon is made for specific printers and comes in the following seven colors: black, red, white, orange, yellow, green, and blue. The wide array of rich colors offered gives you the opportunity to create a multitude of signs with different colored supply and ribbon used together to produce a contrasting label. Black text will pop on orange labels for caution signs, and white text will stay a bright white on labels and signs.

The newer models of LabelTac printers feature an expanded ribbon capacity, meaning you can load a printer with a 984-foot roll of ribbon for every ten rolls of supply used. When it is time to remove and replace ribbon, the LabelTac printer design makes the process quick and easy. Each printer purchase comes with a ‘starter roll’ of ribbon, and ribbon can be purchased from Creative Safety Supply in either a single roll or as part of a labeling bundle. A pipe supply bundle for example, comes with red, green, yellow, and blue supply along with one roll of black ribbon and one roll of white ribbon.

If you’re looking to add some extra protection to your labels against harsh chemicals, use the UltraChem supply and UltraChem LabelTac ribbon for producing labels ideal for automotive labels, medical/pharmaceutical labels, chemical drum labels, etc. UltraChem is resistant to a variety of chemicals including paint thinner, xylene, acetone, ethanol, brake fluid, etc.

Whether you are looking to add organizational labels or safety labels, the entire LabelTac process ensures these labels will last for years and look great in any work environment. LabelTac ribbon works with LabelTac supply to print words and symbols that will survive looking crisp and professional for many years to come. Purchasing a LabelTac printer includes a lifetime warranty on the printer, associated costs and labor, and you have lifetime support from the labeling experts at Creative Safety Supply.

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