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LabelTac Supplies: What You Need to Know

Having a LabelTac printer in a facility makes it easy to create custom signs and labels for all around the workplace. Making labels in-house can keep your workplace OSHA compliant, safer, and more organized. The printer and LabelTac software gives the user freedom to design their own labels, anything from WARNING labels, GHS labels, way-finding labels, 5S labels, and so much more. The wide range of LabelTac supplies available to be used with the printer gives the user even more freedom.

The classic Premium Label Supply are fade and smudge resistant, UV and chemical resistant, includes a strong adhesive, and comes in 17 colors to choose from. There are supplies however, that are designed for specific environments, supplies with pre-printed components, and supplies with different types of backing.

LabelTac Supplies for Environments

LabelTac Supplies
LabelTac Printers and Supplies

In industrial workplaces there can be areas with extreme temperature, hazardous chemicals, and other areas that will require supply with more protection than the default. For instance, the LabelTac High Temperature Supply is designed to withstand surface temperatures up to 320°F. On the other end of the spectrum, the Cryogenic Label Supply can endure freezing cold temperatures, all the way down to -176°F.

Marine Supply is made specifically for marine conditions, like saltwater, and can tolerate harsh, wet environments. This supply is ideal for creating OSHA compliant signs, marine containers, and pipe marking on marine vessels.

Pre-printed LabelTac Supplies

If a facility is printing a mass quantity of labels, an effective timesaving option is to purchase supplies with pre-printed elements. There are die-cut rolls with a continuous stripe of color at the top, ideal for DANGER, WARNING, CAUTION, or NOTICE signs and labels. Another option, perfect for compliancy, there are both GHS die-cut labels and NFPA label supply. These supplies both have pre-printed diamonds that the user can choose facility specific hazard pictograms.

Another great pre-printed option is the Lockout/Tagout Supply. These labels include a red and white danger pattern and is impervious to tearing. There is also a blank, white panel for the user to print an issuer’s name, the tagout date, symbols, an any other necessary information.

Specialty adhesive/application supplies

Labels with the classic adhesive backing is not always ideal and there are a variety of adhesive and applications to choose from. Oily Surface Supply is engineered for greasy surfaces and is a fitting option for dirty work environments and on surfaces that are impossible to clean. Magnetic supply is designed with magnetic backing, ideal for industrial environments or when permanency of the label is unnecessary. There is also the option of LabelTac Static Cling Supply designed to specifically for temporary labeling or non-magnetic materials.

If a workplace is looking to implement custom-designed wall signs alongside labels, sign blanks are the perfect option. Made out of different materials like aluminum or PVC, these sign blanks come in multiple sizes and allowing labels to be applied directly onto the sign blank. Another option is blank, plastic valve tags which can also have labels directly applied to them.


Once someone masters the ins and outs of the LabelTac, consider taking it a step further with the variety of supplies offered for many different situations and workplaces. Whether it’s for safety or organizing, creating labels can be easy and work in a variety of environments.

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