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How Do You Label Water Pipes?

Water is one of the most used substances in many facilities. It is used for things like drinking, cleaning, cooling, fire suppression, and much more. It is also one of the most common ingredients used in making different foods. All this means that most facilities will have one or more different water pipes that travel throughout the area. Learning how to properly label these pipes will help ensure the facility is following regulatory requirements and the pipes can be worked on safely.

In most situations, the labels that are used on water pipes will be chosen based on the ASME A13.1 set of standards. These standards say that most water pipes should be labeled using a green background and white lettering. If the water is of a high temperature, it will require a yellow background with black letters. If the water is used for a fire suppression system, it will have to be on a label that uses a red background with white lettering.

The size of the lettering will vary based on the size of the pipe. The goal is to make the label readable as far as possible. The specific text on the label should be based on what type of water is in the pipe, and what it is used for. For example, it may say, “WASTE WATER”, “WELL WATER”, “SPRINKLER WATER”, or any number of other things based on how water is used in the facility.

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