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Creating Your Own Custom LabelTac Labels

The LabelTac series of printers can create custom labels for any type of labels a facility could need. LabelTac labels are durable and can last for many years to come. Whether they are OSHA-compliant labels or 5S labels, these printers produce long-lasting and beautiful labels. LabelTac labels are extremely durable, tear-resistant, smudge proof, and the letters and symbols will not be scratched off.

What kind of LabelTac labels can you create?

Check out all the different types of LabelTac labels that can be made in a matter of minutes and customized for your specific workplace:

LabelTac Labels
LabelTac Labels

Safety labels: One of the most common uses of the LabelTac printing system is to create safety labels. Each LabelTac printer comes with LabelSuite software free of charge (normally a $299 value). This software is loaded with safety symbols and templates, ranging from OSHA headers to templates that can be custom-made and saved for future uses. LabelTac labels are printed with no smudging or smearing, ensuring the labels are crystal clear. Safety labels can be directly placed on equipment and machinery, or you can adhere the label to a PVC or aluminum sign blank to create a custom safety sign right in your own facility.

Organizational labels: Many people use a small household label printer to print labels and organize around the house, this technique can be carried over to large facilities or warehouses. If you think about it, virtually anything could be labeled. From bins and racks to forklifts and cranes, labels can help organize a workplace.

GHS labels: GHS die-cut labels are extremely helpful for workplaces handling chemicals. These die-cut labels are pre-cut and peel from the backing like a sticker, making the process of GHS labeling quick and easy. The roll of GHS labels is pre-printed with the GHS diamonds and come in one, two, three, and four diamond options. LabelSuite already has the approved GHS pictograms in its library, so you just simply pick the suitable pictogram, place it in the diamond, and then have a compliant and professional looking GHS label.

NFPA labels: Similar to GHS labels, you can purchase pre-printed labels that feature the NFPA multicolor diamond. These blank diamonds give the user the option to create custom NFPA labels that are accurate for your facility.

Barcode labels: One of the neatest features of the LabelTac is the option to insert barcodes or QR codes that can be edited in the LabelSuite software. Assign data to barcodes and create an effective barcoding system in your workplace. Facility processes can be made more efficient with a tracking system utilizing barcodes.

The variety of LabelTac supplies that are offered means you can design and create LabelTac labels for any types of surface. When you need a temporary labeling option, magnetic labeling label supply is an ideal choice. Static cling labels are also perfect for temporary labeling situations for non-magnetic surfaces. Other varieties of supply include extreme temperature resistant supply, supply that can adhere to oily surfaces, and supply that features aggressive high-tack adhesive.

Whatever signage or label needs your facility is looking for, LabelTac labels are a fantastic solution. Create custom and beautiful labels in-house for whatever needs your workplace has.

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