Your Voice Could be the Difference

For over seven years now Creative Safety Supply (CSS) has been a leader in visual safety. Recently, a new division of CSS has sprung into action in the form of Creative Safety Publishing. The publishing division holds the same mission as the parent division, but with limitless capabilities to improve workplace safety and help spread lean philosophies to millions of enthusiast everywhere at anytime . To be Creative, Positive and Help Our Customers Build a …

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Back to Basics and a Little Humor

Communication concept isolated on white

Special thanks to lean extraordinaire Mark Graban for giving us all a good laugh and something to reflect on. Back to Basics While we laugh and enjoy this video, it should be no surprise that this is an all too common occurrence within organizations trying to implement lean. 5S and lean are supposed to make things better for your organization and your customers. It’s supposed to help innovate and create ways to engage employees in …

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Safety Motivation and Performance Indicators

“The Puzzle of Motivation” Often times we get caught up in an “old” way of thinking. We differ to what we’ve been taught, the way we’re used to thinking, training, and motivating each other. Unfortunately, times are changing. The ultimate battle between extrinsic vs. intrinsic motivational tactics are sliding in a new direction. The following Ted Talk by Daniel Pink highlights the downfall of extrinsic motivation and the demise of incentive based programs in the …

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Did you know? Fourth of July edition


It’s that time of year again. Folks around the country are dusting off their BBQ’s, setting out their sun tea pitchers, planning backyard parties, and what ever other summer tradition that inaugurates the season most of us can’t get enough of. For most of the country, Fourth of July marks the official start of summer. The late season rains are behind us and the night temperatures have mellowed out to a comfortable setting. The days …

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National Hurricane Awareness Month


Calm before the storm As of June first, the 2013 hurricane season is officially upon us. The long, tense season lasts until November 30th, and although it’s easy to think this year wont be your year, it might be time to rethink your hurricane preparedness plan. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) is predicting a very active Atlantic hurricane season for 2013. In fact, NOAA’s Atlantic Hurricane Season Outlook says there is a 70 …

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100 Deadliest Days on the Road

Not so fun in the sun Summer is known for outdoor parties, graduations, road trips, vacations, summer jobs, and a variety of events that teens live for. It’s the season every teen driver looks forward too, plus it gives them another reason to drive, other than going to school. Unfortunately, because of the added freedom that summer offers, and the extra time behind the wheel, the season is also known for something else. The period …

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Tornado 101

The end of spring brings signs of hope and new life to the majority of Americans, but for some parts of the country it can be the most terrifying season of the year. Tornadoes are nature’s strongest muscle that can be flexed without warning and level entire neighborhoods in a matter of seconds as demonstrated recently in Oklahoma. The funnel-shaped clouds are essentially a connection between a thunderstorm and the ground with winds that can …

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Beat the Heat

For those that work outside, the summer months are not always a reason to celebrate. Every year thousands of workers become ill from the extreme conditions they face during the summer season, some leading to fatalities. Although, our summer temperatures might seem to reach new records every year and out of our control, the illnesses and deaths associated with, are under our control. In 2011, OSHA began its nationwide Heat Illness Prevention Campaign to raise …

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