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Why You Need an Industrial Label Maker — Today!

3 min read Regardless of what type of business you operate, chances are pretty high that you need some kind of labeling system. The difference is, of course, how you obtain your labels. Industrial label makers have shown time and time again to save organizations money and time, yet still, many opt to …

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10 Tips to Make It Through the Flu Season

3 min read Unfortunately, the flu season begins about the same time as peak of the holiday season. Which means we are out more, doing more, around more people, and our stress levels are at the highest points. This leaves us that more vulnerable to the flu virus that literally seems to shut …

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10 Holiday Travel Tips for the Airport

3 min read Long lines, lost luggage, weather delays, children screaming, in-laws waiting, credit card balances rising, it could only mean one thing. Love it or hate it, the holiday season is here again and along with the cheer, there’s bound to be some moments you wish you could have avoided, especially at …

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Prevent Slips and Falls with Anti-Slip Floor Tape

3 min read The rainy season is once again upon us and there’s no time like the present to re-evaluate your safety measures as we come into winter. Wet conditions tend to always bring an increase in slip and fall injuries around the workplace. To reduce the risk factors associated with wet conditions, …

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The Future of Occupational Safety

3 min read Forward Thinking Contemplating the future can be a slippery slope clashed with controversy and hope. We can combine all the statistics with all the collective information available, and still be completely wrong in our predictions. The answer to today’s problem may not necessarily be the answer for tomorrow’s problem. However …

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10 Commandments For Continuous Growth

4 min read Sustaining a path of continuous improvement and growth can be the ultimate challenge for any organization. Whether you’re a Lean organization or not, continuous growth is something that all should strive for. However, it’s easier said than done. Which is why we at Creative Safety Publishing have come up with …

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October Is National Work And Family Month

3 min read National Work And Family Month The American work culture has changed significantly over the last 50 plus years. For starters, and maybe most significant, it’s no longer a male dominated work force. In fact, women make up about half of the total labor force in the U.S. Furthermore, close to …

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Ten Funny Safety Videos

2 min read Occupational safety is an extremely serious topic to cover and train. There’s no short-cutting when it comes to safety at work or at home for that matter. Unfortunately, training classes and videos can also be extremely boring and dry when presented to employees. However, there is a growing number of …

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Coin Lithium Battery Safety Information

Coin lithium battery

3 min read Lets be honest, there are threats that surround our children anywhere and everywhere, at anytime. Unless you wrap your children in bubble wrap before you leave for work everyday, they’re at risk of something. However, some risks are more serious than others and just the awareness alone is sometimes all …

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September is National Preparedness Month

3 min read Here Comes September The month of September brings a handful of changes to our busy lives. It’s usually the time of year where we ask ourselves what happened to summer and have to quickly adjust to the new season that awaits us. As our days get shorter and the little …

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