Improve Indoor Air Quality…with Plants?

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Indoor air quality is an increasing concern among safety managers and public health professionals alike, as polluted air in homes and workplaces is often more dangerous to breathe than the air outside. Indoor air often contains pollutants such as formaldehyde (a known carcinogen), benzene, trichloroethylene, dusts and particles that can cause respiratory issues and some serious

Ototoxic Substances – Unexpected Causes of Hearing Loss in the Workplace


Noise exposures in the workplace can lead to hearing loss for workers down the road, and companies and regulatory agencies have focused for quite some time on limiting noise levels through the use of quieter equipment and appropriate protective measures. Noise isn’t the only threat to your workers’ hearing, though. Certain substances used in the workplace,

Prevent Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

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In October of 2014, Wayne Farms poultry plant of Jack, Alabama, was cited for numerous violations including exposing workers to musculoskeletal hazards such as carpal tunnel syndrome. OSHA proposed fines of more than $100,000. While this fine is quite hefty, musculoskeletal disorders in the workplace are not uncommon. Poultry and other food processing workers regularly face

Chemical Hazard Labels: Do Yours Look Like this Yet?

Hazardous Chemical Label

If you have hazardous chemicals in your workplace, you’ve probably heard about the upcoming changes to OSHA’s Hazard Communication Standard (HazCom or HCS). Beginning in 2015, labels and information sheets for hazardous chemicals will be changing to align with the United Nations’ Globally Harmonized System (GHS) that standardizes labels to make communication between countries simpler.

DIY Workplace Labels – Make These 8 Types Yourself

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Workplaces need many types of labels, and in many cases—especially at large facilities—it’s often easier and more cost-effective to print them yourself. When you purchase an industrial label printer, you can use pre-made templates or create your own designs to suit the labeling needs of your business. Some workplace labels are required and others just

Winterize the Workplace

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When the temperature drops and snow arrives, many of us takes steps to winterize our homes such as sealing air leaks, adding insulation and adjusting thermostat settings. If you are in charge of a business, you should also plan to winterize the workplace, as many of the same issues you face at home apply at work,

Emergency Planning – Don’t Overlook the Emergency Kit

Emergency Supplies

Emergencies can strike the workplace unexpectedly. Accidents like chemical spills or fires, acts of violence and natural disasters are all within the realm of possibility, even if they do happen very infrequently. Emergencies can cause businesses to suffer significant losses and even permanently close their doors if enough damage is done. Preparing for emergencies by