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5S Factory Reset: Step by Step

5S sweep

3 min read In some situations, the factory tends to become unproductive, lacks efficiency and unorganized. This is a time for factory reset where there is a need to start afresh. The workplace may not need drastic changes; however, it is time to implement principal changes that will make a difference and restore …

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The History of Kanban

history of kanban

2 min read The world-renowned carmaker Toyota began studying supermarkets in the 1940s. Supermarkets have a unique in-store system that uses in-store stocking techniques. Their system always provides for adequate amounts of products on the shelves without having to store excess amounts because customers know they can always return to the store for …

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The Concepts of Kaizen

Kaizen concepts

3 min read Kaizen is a philosophy, a methodology, and a way of mind. There are a number of tools and conceptskaizen utilizes to inspire the continuous mindset. Below are a few of our favorite. Management: In kaizen, management has two functions: maintenance and improvement. Setting standards and keeping them is an important …

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6 Reasons to Invest in a Visual Workplace

safety sign, danger sign

5 min read A visual workplace uses tools like safety signs, labels, floor markings and other visual cues to communicate information quickly. This information may alert people to hazards, serve as a reminder or provide instructions. You may think your workplace doesn’t need added visuals. Maybe you have a good safety record and production …

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