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Is the LabelTac 9 Printer Right for your Facility?

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If you’re looking to undertake a large labeling project or want the ability to print large labels in a matter of minutes, the LabelTac 9 Printer is the printer for you. The LabelTac series of industrial label printers produce professional grade labels of a variety of sizes that will last for years in an industrial environment whether they’re placed indoors or out.

Why the LabelTac 9 Printer?

The LabelTac 9 is the largest printer in the series of LabelTac printers and is ideal for printing large labels that can be seen from a distance. This printer is capable of printing labels from 4 inches up to 9 inches tall and over 16 feet long, so whether you need to print a large safety banner or labels for pipe marking, the LabelTac 9 printer can do it all. This printer feathers an LCD display and a clear media view window, so you watch your custom label as it is being printed.

You can create a variety of labels and signs with an industrial label printer. The following are just a handful of applications for your LabelTac printer as the labeling options are virtually limitless.

  • Banners: Create heavy duty banners in a variety of styles with the LabelTac 9 printer. You can a safety banner reminding workers or of safe workplace practices or a Lean banner indicating the 5S steps and add your company logo for a professional look.
  • Large safety signs: Design safety labels that can be seen from across the warehouse. Simply print the label and adhere it to an aluminum sign blank for an instant custom sign.
  • Wayfinding labels: Whether it’s to control forklift traffic or guide workers to the nearest emergency exit, you can print durable labels to help workers find their way.
  • Pipe marking: Labeling pipes is essential to safety and often required by OSHA. The variety of colors that LabelTac supply comes in ensures you can label pipes in accordance to pipe color codes.
  • Barcode labels: Increase organization in the workplace with a barcoding system. The LabelSuite software gives you the option in creating UPC barcodes and QR codes that contain and display information when scanned.

The LabelTac 9 printer makes large-format printing possibility and is a great tool for improving your facility’s visual communication program. Different supplies offered specifically for these printers means you can also create OSHA compliant safety labels, custom bumper stickers, arc flash labels, labels that can be seen in the dark, inventory labels, temporary labels, and much more.

All LabelTac printers come with a free full lifetime warranty that covers all parts of the printer, labor, and related costs. You will also have access to lifetime of support from the labeling experts at Creative Safety Supply ready to answer your questions or help solve any issues you may run into. Perhaps the best deal of a LabelTac purchase is the LabelSuite software, a $299 value for free! This intuitive software is full of symbols and templates, making the process of designing custom labels a much easier process.

What to Know About LabelTac Software

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Every purchase of an industrial label printer from the LabelTac series includes an extremely intuitive and easy to use LabelTac software, called LabelSuite. The LabelSuite software is a $299 value that you will receive free of charge.

What’s in the LabelTac software? 

LabelTac Software

Printer with the LabelTac Software

LabelSuite is chock full of features that make creating custom labels easy and quick. The software is easy to navigate, and you can be designing, creating, and printing custom labels in just a matter of minutes.

  • Symbols: There is both a library of downloaded symbols as well as access to an online library of thousands of symbols you can search from. From GHS hazard pictograms to 5S and Lean manufacturing symbols and everything in between, you can find the perfect symbol for your needs. If you need a fire safety symbol, you have a choice of over ten different flame symbols to choose from.
  • Templates: While the LabelTac software gives you the option to create a label from scratch, there are also many templates to give you a starting off point. There are several different options for templates: GHS labels, NFPA diamonds, first aid templates, and much more. LabelSuite will take the template you choose and makes each component ready to edit. You can easily swap out symbols, delete or add text, change colors in a few minutes.
  • Labeling wizards: Creating some labels can be more difficult than others. LabelSuite has three different wizards: one for GHS labeling, one for pipe marking, and one for ammonia pipe marking. The wizard guides you effortlessly to a final label that is professional quality and compliant with industry standards. As an example, we will look at the GHS label wizard. All you need to get started is the name of the chemical or substance you need to create a label for, like benzoic acid or polyethylene polymer. Simply type that into the search button and the GHS wizard will add the corresponding signal word, the product ID, hazard pictogram(s), and a complete hazard statement. If you know the name of what you’re labeling, you can create a professional and compliant label in under five minutes! 

If you have any questions or run into any problems using the LabelTac software, your lifetime support for your LabelTac printer applies to LabelSuite! Call up the labeling experts at Creative Safety Supply and they will help you out and answer any questions. You will also have access to upgrades for life. Anytime the software is updated, you will be able to upgrade the software for new features.

The line of LabelTac industrial label printers can turn your desk or workbench into a custom sign shop! The LabelSuite software adds another level of customization to your labels and makes it simple to design and print professional labels and signs in a matter of minutes, and will last for years to come.

Reviewing the LabelTac 4 Printer

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Having a label printer in a warehouse or facility has so many benefits! From creating labels in-house to customizing all types of printers, you can truly turn your desk or workbench into a sign shop. LabelTac printers are developed to create durable, professional looking labels in just a matter of minutes. Different workplaces have different needs when it comes to choosing an industrial labeling system. Many variables go into this choice including print speed, budget, size of the printer, etc. Today we will be looking at the entry level option of the LabelTac series of industrial label printers: the LabelTac 4 Printer.

LabelTac 4 Printer

LabelTac 4 Printer 

Why the LabelTac 4 Printer?

Out of the entire line of LabelTac printers, the LabelTac 4 is the most compact and most budget-friendly making it the “entry level” model of the LabelTac series. Although the bigger printers may be recommended for larger print jobs, the LabelTac 4 printer is still capable of printing up to 500 labels in a single day and can print four inches per second. The printer itself weighs less than five pounds, meaning it can be transported quickly and used in all areas of a workplace.

LabelTac printers produce labels that can withstand the elements of an industrial workplace. These labels will not fade or smudge whether they’re placed outside or in. The high-quality LabelTac ribbon ensures whatever text or symbols printed on the label cannot be scratched out and will stay readable for many years to come. The LabelTac 4 Printer can print labels from ½” to 4” in width, and up to 40 inches long. The regular adhesive vinyl supply is perfect for adhering to the mall, a machine, or most types of equipment. There is however, a variety of supplies you can purchase that use static cling, magnetic, or temporary backing.

There are many different applications for using a LabelTac 4 printer, giving you the opportunity to design and create a variety of different labels quickly. From first aid labels and signs, to OSHA compliant danger signs, you can increase safety awareness with visual communication. The LabelTac 4 Printer is ideal for pipe marking projects, 5S projects, creating tags, and much more; the options are virtually endless!

The series of LabelTac printers all feature a full lifetime warranty, the intuitive LabelSuite software, and lifetime support from the labeling experts at Creative Safety Supply, all free of charge! Whether you need help troubleshooting or have a pressing label question, they are here to help. The LabelSuite software is full of symbols and templates to create professional grade custom labels, or you can start from scratch.

If you are considering purchasing an industrial label printer, the LabelTac 4 Printer is an excellent entry level printer to get you started! It can still handle large printing projects, and will produce clear and durable labels.

About the LabelTac Pro X Printer

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Choosing the right industrial labeling system for your facility can be a tricky choice, and the labeltac pro x printerLabelTac series of printers offer several different models to choose from. Whether you will be producing labels in bulk or are in the market to complete a pipe labeling project, LabelTac ensures labels created with their system will be durable and professional grade. Today we will look at the LabelTac Pro X Printer in particular.

Why the LabelTac Pro X Printer

The LabelTac Pro X can create labels up to 4” in width and features an all-new design. Some included features specific to this model includes:
Expanded ribbon capacity: The expanded capacity means users can print hundreds of labels before having to change the ribbon.
LCD display screen: This 3.5” screen will make it quick and easy for the user to determine how much print ribbon remains with just a glance.
Lightweight and compact: This model of printer weighs less than 10 pounds, making transporting it easy and the compact desktop design allows users to create labels with a mobile label printing station.
Fast printing: Have your labels instantly! The LabelTac Pro X printer features a print speed of eight inches per second.

The entire series of LabelTac printers benefit from the LabelTac supply and ribbon, which will ensure the labels you print are rich in color and durable in industrial environments. Your LabelTac printer purchase will include everything you need to use the printer for many years to come.

Warranty: Each LabelTac printer includes a full lifetime warranty, at no cost to you. Warranty features includes a true lifetime protection that can be transferred to any new owners. The warranty covers all parts, labor, and shipping costs. And if you need to send your printer back in for any repairs, Creative Safety Supply will provide you with a free optional loaner printer to minimize any downtime you may face.
Lifetime support: Need help installing your LabelTac printer or just looking for some advice on creating labels? You can contact the helpful and knowledgeable experts at Creative Safety Supply will help answer any questions you may have.
LabelSuite software: At a $299 value, the intuitive software comes with updates for life, free of charge. This easy-to-use software is chock full of templates and symbols, from HAZCOM all the way to Lean manufacturing, you will find exactly what your facility needs.

Safety labels are just the beginning of what you can use your LabelTac printer for. Create OSHA compliant labels, pipe markings, cable markings, rack/barcoding labels, 5S labels, and arc flash labels quickly and easily. No matter the type of labeling project you are looking to embark on, the LabelTac Pro X Printer is an excellent option.

Creating Your Own Custom LabelTac Labels

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The LabelTac series of printers can create custom labels for any type of labels a facility could need. LabelTac labels are durable and can last for many years to come. Whether they are OSHA-compliant labels or 5S labels, these printers produce long-lasting and beautiful labels. LabelTac labels are extremely durable, tear-resistant, smudge proof, and the letters and symbols will not be scratched off.

What kind of LabelTac labels can you create?

Check out all the different types of LabelTac labels that can be made in a matter of minutes and customized for your specific workplace:

LabelTac Labels

LabelTac Labels

Safety labels: One of the most common uses of the LabelTac printing system is to create safety labels. Each LabelTac printer comes with LabelSuite software free of charge (normally a $299 value). This software is loaded with safety symbols and templates, ranging from OSHA headers to templates that can be custom-made and saved for future uses. LabelTac labels are printed with no smudging or smearing, ensuring the labels are crystal clear. Safety labels can be directly placed on equipment and machinery, or you can adhere the label to a PVC or aluminum sign blank to create a custom safety sign right in your own facility.

Organizational labels: Many people use a small household label printer to print labels and organize around the house, this technique can be carried over to large facilities or warehouses. If you think about it, virtually anything could be labeled. From bins and racks to forklifts and cranes, labels can help organize a workplace.

GHS labels: GHS die-cut labels are extremely helpful for workplaces handling chemicals. These die-cut labels are pre-cut and peel from the backing like a sticker, making the process of GHS labeling quick and easy. The roll of GHS labels is pre-printed with the GHS diamonds and come in one, two, three, and four diamond options. LabelSuite already has the approved GHS pictograms in its library, so you just simply pick the suitable pictogram, place it in the diamond, and then have a compliant and professional looking GHS label.

NFPA labels: Similar to GHS labels, you can purchase pre-printed labels that feature the NFPA multicolor diamond. These blank diamonds give the user the option to create custom NFPA labels that are accurate for your facility.

Barcode labels: One of the neatest features of the LabelTac is the option to insert barcodes or QR codes that can be edited in the LabelSuite software. Assign data to barcodes and create an effective barcoding system in your workplace. Facility processes can be made more efficient with a tracking system utilizing barcodes.

The variety of LabelTac supplies that are offered means you can design and create LabelTac labels for any types of surface. When you need a temporary labeling option, magnetic labeling label supply is an ideal choice. Static cling labels are also perfect for temporary labeling situations for non-magnetic surfaces. Other varieties of supply include extreme temperature resistant supply, supply that can adhere to oily surfaces, and supply that features aggressive high-tack adhesive.

Whatever signage or label needs your facility is looking for, LabelTac labels are a fantastic solution. Create custom and beautiful labels in-house for whatever needs your workplace has.

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