Keeping Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Clean

Worker wearing clean PPE

Personal protection equipment, or PPE, is critical for keeping people safe in the workplace. There are many different types of PPE available, each of which is designed to provide a specific type of protection to the person wearing it. While some PPE items is designed to be used once and then disposed of, most of it is able to be used many times as long as it is not damaged. For reusable personal protection equipment, …

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5S Factory Reset: Step by Step

5S sweep

In some situations, the factory tends to become unproductive, lacks efficiency and unorganized. This is a time for factory reset where there is a need to start afresh. The workplace may not need drastic changes; however, it is time to implement principal changes that will make a difference and restore productivity within the workplace adapting the 5S factory reset measures. In order to reorganize your work area, the factory needs to have a 5s Factory …

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Starting Lean Six Sigma, Pt. 1

Chuck Hardy – Lean Six Sigma (Part 1) Details. Chuck Hardy, Quality Control Dir. at NMEDA, shares his story of being a Six Sigma Black Belt. Chuck also tells about current position as Quality Control Director at non-profit NMEDA (The National Mobility Equipment Dealers Association). He compare it to previous positions in manufacturing at Eastman Kodak and Lockheed Martin. In this part 1 of two podcasts, Mr. Hardy offers great tips on beginning a lean …

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Lean Methodology In Healthcare

Mark Graban of KaiNexus, expert in lean healthcare. Details. We talk about lean in the world of healthcare with Mark Graban, author, consultant and speaker in the lean healthcare methodology. Mark is author of the Shingo Award winning book “Lean Hospitals” and the book “Healthcare Kaizen.” Mark is also the Chief Improvement Officer of KaiNexus. His newest book, “The Executive Guide to Healthcare Kaizen,” is available via links in the transcript below. Transcript (:00) Brandon …

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10 Rules For Forklift Safety

Tony Ferraro, Continuous Improvement Blogger for Creative Safety Publishing Details Today, Brandon Nys from Creative Safety Publishing will be talking with Antonio Ferraro about about 10 Rules For Forklift Safety. Tony is one of our content writers/investigators, and he’s knowledgable about this critical area of safety in almost every facility. While some of these rules seem to be no-brainers and easy to follow, this refresher course may still be able to serve up a few …

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