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Safety Motivation and Performance Indicators

< 1 min read “The Puzzle of Motivation” Often times we get caught up in an “old” way of thinking. We differ to what we’ve been taught, the way we’re used to thinking, training, and motivating each other. Unfortunately, times are changing. The ultimate battle between extrinsic vs. intrinsic motivational tactics are sliding in …

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Did you know? Fourth of July edition


4 min read It’s that time of year again. Folks around the country are dusting off their BBQ’s, setting out their sun tea pitchers, planning backyard parties, and what ever other summer tradition that inaugurates the season most of us can’t get enough of. For most of the country, Fourth of July marks …

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National Hurricane Awareness Month


3 min read Calm before the storm As of June first, the 2013 hurricane season is officially upon us. The long, tense season lasts until November 30th, and although it’s easy to think this year wont be your year, it might be time to rethink your hurricane preparedness plan. The National Oceanic and …

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100 Deadliest Days on the Road

3 min read Not so fun in the sun Summer is known for outdoor parties, graduations, road trips, vacations, summer jobs, and a variety of events that teens live for. It’s the season every teen driver looks forward too, plus it gives them another reason to drive, other than going to school. Unfortunately, …

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Beat the Heat

3 min read For those that work outside, the summer months are not always a reason to celebrate. Every year thousands of workers become ill from the extreme conditions they face during the summer season, some leading to fatalities. Although, our summer temperatures might seem to reach new records every year and out …

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Safety Experts Talk – Overview

2 min read Brandon Nys, Dan Clark Details Introduction to the podcast series Safety Experts Talk from Creative Safety Supply. Brandon Nys and Dan Clark describe the series, where safety experts talk about industry news, OSHA regulations, PPE, lean, 5S, and continuous improvement. The interviews with these industry leaders last up to 60 …

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