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How To Spot Counterfeit Electrical

Brett Brenner

15 min read Brett Brenner, Electrical Safety Foundation Int’l Details. Counterfeit electrical products are a shock and fire hazard. Brett Brenner of ESFI, the Electrical Safety Foundation International, tells about fake wiring, breakers and switches. Building owners and electrical installers are often shocked to hear their new electrical installations include counterfeit components. Learn …

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Construction Fall Safety Stand-Down – Pt 2

12 min read Matt McNicholas, OSHA Safety And Health Specialist Details. Fall prevention. Employers have a huge obligation to prevent injuries and deaths. Matt McNicholas, CSP, of OSHA, details the second annual Construction Fall Safety Stand-Down, designed to create fall awareness. The nationwide event is May 4-15, 2015. In this podcast, Matt describes …

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Construction Fall Safety Stand-Down – Pt 1

8 min read Dr. Christine Branche of NIOSH Details. Fall prevention. That’s the reason for the Construction Fall Safety Stand-Down. NIOSH’s Dr. Christine Branche describes 2015’s two week event, May 4-15. Employers should stop work at construction sites to explain fall prevention policies with workers. In this interview, Dr. Branche details the awful …

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5 Ways to Motivate Employees

3 min read It’s a common issue facing employers of all industries: “How do we motivate our staff?” The reason it’s so common is because there is no clear answer or perfect solution to the puzzle that is, motivation. Its no secret that a motivated employee is an incredibly valuable asset to your …

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Respiratory Protection 101

3 min read What you need to know: Respiratory 101 Respirators are a worker’s first line of defense against areas with insufficient oxygen, harmful dusts, fogs, smokes, mists, gases, vapors, and sprays. Without the proper protection, these can all lead to fatal situations. Workers that have been exposed to these hazards have suffered …

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Why You Need an Industrial Label Maker — Today!

3 min read Regardless of what type of business you operate, chances are pretty high that you need some kind of labeling system. The difference is, of course, how you obtain your labels. Industrial label makers have shown time and time again to save organizations money and time, yet still, many opt to …

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10 Tips to Make It Through the Flu Season

3 min read Unfortunately, the flu season begins about the same time as peak of the holiday season. Which means we are out more, doing more, around more people, and our stress levels are at the highest points. This leaves us that more vulnerable to the flu virus that literally seems to shut …

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10 Holiday Travel Tips for the Airport

3 min read Long lines, lost luggage, weather delays, children screaming, in-laws waiting, credit card balances rising, it could only mean one thing. Love it or hate it, the holiday season is here again and along with the cheer, there’s bound to be some moments you wish you could have avoided, especially at …

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