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The Safety Iceberg

< 1 min read The Safety Iceberg…and the Cultural Iceberg Details. Just 10% of workplace safety issues are obvious. Rosa Carrillo suggests that 90% lurk below the waterline due to cultural lack of awareness. She discusses this safety iceberg with host Dan Clark in this podcast. Ms. Carrillo is a safety consultant, speaker, author …

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The 5-Second Rule Is Real

< 1 min read Prof. Anthony Hilton – Aston University – Scientists Prove The Five-Second Food Rule Does Exist Details. Is it safe to eat food you dropped on the floor in the employee lunchroom? Prof. Anthony Hilton, head of Biology and Biomedical Sciences at Aston University, Birmingham, England, reveals the results of his …

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Be A Safety Role Model

< 1 min read Krista Hoffmeister’s study of Safety Leadership Details. If company owners and managers set a good example, does on-the-job safety improve for workers? That question was posed by Krista Hoffmeister, a student at Colorado State University. Krista is part of a Safety Management Applied Research Team which surveyed workers, then published …

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Free Safety Resources

< 1 min read Dave Weber Offers Free Resources at SafetyAwakenings.com Details. Former OSHA inspector, Dave Weber, explains why he offers free safety resources at his website, SafetyAwakenings.com.

Dave says “My father and my uncle were both seriously hurt in on-the-job accidents…I get a lot of satisfaction from sharing information and resources with other folks …

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Starting Continuous Improvement

< 1 min read Jeff Hajek of Velaction on creating a continuous improvement culture Details. Jeff Hajek of Velaction talks about creating a continuous improvement culture, and what kind of structure a company needs to support it, in this podcast hosted by Antonio Ferraro Mr. Hajek is the author of “Whaddaya Mean I Gotta …

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Lean Success Stories

< 1 min read Matt Wrye says double-down on safety and efficiency with 5S and Lean Details. Matt Wrye is a Lean implementer, with a passion for continuous learning on all subjects related to business and Lean. He is writer and publisher of the Lean blog BeyondLean.WordPress.com. Matt has worked in multiple business positions, …

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Kaizen Events That Rock

< 1 min read Mark Hamel On How To Implement Successful Kaizen Events Details. Mark Hamel is a Lean/Six Sigma implementation consultant and award-winning author of the Kaizen Event Fieldbook. Mark also created and writes the Lean blog “Gemba Tales.” The always-busy author is also the cofounder of another blog, “Lean Math.” Mark writes …

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Starting A Visual Workplace, Pt. 1

< 1 min read Gwendolyn Galsworth Pt. 1 – Visual Thinking Details. Dr. Gwendolyn Galsworth, the president and founder of Visual Thinking, Inc., defines the Visual Workplace as “A work environment that is self ordering, self explaining, self regulating and self improving where what is supposed to happen does happen on time, every time, …

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Starting A Visual Workplace, Pt. 2

< 1 min read Gwendolyn Galsworth Pt. 2 – Visual Thinking Details. Implementing a Visual Workplace does not mean you’ll lose your job. In this podcast, Dr. Gwendolyn Galsworth explains that new efficiencies should not cause workers to be eliminated. She also tells of her career history, how she worked with Norman Bodek, and …

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Scott Corriveau from Ansell

11 min read Scott Corriveau from Ansell discusses their new Worker Experience Innovation Details. In this podcast, President and GM of Ansell’s Global Industrial Business Unit joins us to talk abut their new Worker Experience Innovation program and what’s missing in the personal protective equipment world. Interview Transcript Brandon: Welcome to the Creative …

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