About CSP – Creative Safety Publishing

Creative Safety Publishing was created to offer a range of resources to the safety professional – in both the auditory and visual mediums – especially for those interested in safety and safer leadership but without the time to do the research themselves.

Brandon Nys

CSP has developed this platform to allow speakers, authors and authoritative voices in the safety arena to have the chance to speak about their specific fields of interest, sharing with insight and depth the lessons they have learned on their journey in the safety realm.

Using the communication mediums of podcast, video and written articles, CSP is here to support and talk about safe practices, healthy living and an overall awareness of wellness. It is our goal for CSP to both inform and empower safety managers, team leaders and workers to care better not only for themselves but for the entire team working around them.

Creative Safety Publishing

With our posters and guides, offered under the “products” page, we hope to enhance the “visual” portion of your safety program within your company or organization.

With our podcast products, we hope to provide essential information that will facilitate your efforts to both instill and nourish your company’s safety goals in all areas.

Easy to Access and Implement
Our products simplify putting safety into practice. Our podcasts and safety talks will provide easy access to step-by-step safety protocols that you can follow – with our downloadable digital resources sent straight to your inbox or hard drive.

High ROI
It is a well proven fact that installing and supporting a well developed safety program in your business will give you between a 1-to-3 or 1-to-6 dollar return (findings by Georgetown University). That means creating a solid business that takes care of its employees who in turn will take care of your organization is worthwhile.

Effective Solutions
As more and more of us run out of time to spend reading long-winded documents about safety practices and regimens, the ability to provide solid and well balanced safety guidance in the workplace suffers. CSP’s digital solutions are meant to help simplify access to important and timely information.

That same digital information can also be passed on to key staff without the need to personally relay the message. This efficient method of continuing to learn and grow leaves production time unaffected, resulting in no downtime.

Solid Support for Safety Managers
In this day and age when more is expected from our safety managers in much less time in order to remain competitive, our dedicated online platform is always available for managers, supervisors and other key staff to access – they are never alone on the job.

The CSP Commitment to the Safety Community
At CSP we strive to provide the best possible and most timely safety information. Our experienced staff is devoted to researching and delivering exceptional information.

We encourage you to give us a try. And stick with us – we are going places and would be delighted to have you join us!