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Choosing the right industrial labeling system for your facility can be a tricky choice, and the labeltac pro x printerLabelTac series of printers offer several different models to choose from. Whether you will be producing labels in bulk or are in the market to complete a pipe labeling project, LabelTac ensures labels created with their system will be durable and professional grade. Today we will look at the LabelTac Pro X Printer in particular.

Why the LabelTac Pro X Printer

The LabelTac Pro X can create labels up to 4” in width and features an all-new design. Some included features specific to this model includes:
Expanded ribbon capacity: The expanded capacity means users can print hundreds of labels before having to change the ribbon.
LCD display screen: This 3.5” screen will make it quick and easy for the user to determine how much print ribbon remains with just a glance.
Lightweight and compact: This model of printer weighs less than 10 pounds, making transporting it easy and the compact desktop design allows users to create labels with a mobile label printing station.
Fast printing: Have your labels instantly! The LabelTac Pro X printer features a print speed of eight inches per second.

The entire series of LabelTac printers benefit from the LabelTac supply and ribbon, which will ensure the labels you print are rich in color and durable in industrial environments. Your LabelTac printer purchase will include everything you need to use the printer for many years to come.

Warranty: Each LabelTac printer includes a full lifetime warranty, at no cost to you. Warranty features includes a true lifetime protection that can be transferred to any new owners. The warranty covers all parts, labor, and shipping costs. And if you need to send your printer back in for any repairs, Creative Safety Supply will provide you with a free optional loaner printer to minimize any downtime you may face.
Lifetime support: Need help installing your LabelTac printer or just looking for some advice on creating labels? You can contact the helpful and knowledgeable experts at Creative Safety Supply will help answer any questions you may have.
LabelSuite software: At a $299 value, the intuitive software comes with updates for life, free of charge. This easy-to-use software is chock full of templates and symbols, from HAZCOM all the way to Lean manufacturing, you will find exactly what your facility needs.

PPE Guide

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Safety labels are just the beginning of what you can use your LabelTac printer for. Create OSHA compliant labels, pipe markings, cable markings, rack/barcoding labels, 5S labels, and arc flash labels quickly and easily. No matter the type of labeling project you are looking to embark on, the LabelTac Pro X Printer is an excellent option.

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