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5S Factory Reset: Step by Step

5S sweepIn some situations, the factory tends to become unproductive, lacks efficiency and unorganized. This is a time for factory reset where there is a need to start afresh. The workplace may not need drastic changes; however, it is time to implement principal changes that will make a difference and restore productivity within the workplace adapting the 5S factory reset measures.

In order to reorganize your work area, the factory needs to have a 5s Factory Reset expert team with an experienced head and other dedicated members who are willing to initiate work task from scratch. A 5S Factory Reset will typically follow the same framework as the traditional 5S framework.

1) The first step to 5s Factory Reset is to sort out the bulk of goods. Most of the times, it becomes difficult to organize the work place due to the massive clutter in the factory and the junk occupies most of the place, making it hazardous to work in. To simplify the process, the team needs to start with sorting out the goods. The team should sit with the employees and sort out the goods that are wanted and unwanted. The unwanted items must be discarded, and a separate area must be arranged for all the required materials.

2) The second step is to set a suitable place for all the different types of goods. The team should follow some principle rules while arranging the goods. Together with the employees, they must find a suitable place and define places for the different types of goods. These items are arranged as per the needs of the different departments and various methods used for easy identification. Use labels, color coding, bar coding, drawers to neatly arrange all the items. Ensure that the workers follow the practice of returning the goods after use. In a factory setting, there are several items from bulky machines to small spare parts. Having a space for all types of goods makes it easy to organize and search for the items especially when in rush or during an emergency.

3) Often, the third step of 5s Factory Reset is neglected by many factories and it is the most essential to keep the factory safe, systematic and organized. This is the cleaning process where the team is involved in keeping the work place clean and tidy. The team requires to use all the cleaning material from detergents to mops, dusters and other cleaning materials. The workers are also involved in keeping the workplace tidy. For instance, the CEO does not wait all the time for the workers to clean the office. At times, the head does desk cleaning, arranging files in cabinets and other odd jobs.

4) The fourth step is to systemize the above three practices. This means, the expert team must regularly check that all the adapted changes are thoroughly practiced. Cleaning the departments on a regular basis, putting back the tools in the respective places and discarding unwanted items from every department is necessary to ensure that the workplace is following the reset practices. The team must coordinate with the employees and alert the workers if the items are unorganized. This is an essential practice of the 5s Factory Reset and if followed inefficiently, mishaps are likely to revert back.

5) The last step is to sustain all the practices and maintain the standards. Many factories often neglect or skip checking on this step. The 5s Factory Reset also includes taking feedback from the employees and discussing with them the changes implemented. Sometimes the changes might be unsuitable for the department. This requires the team to go back and brainstorm ideas that will make a difference and bring forth improvements in the factory.

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