Electrical Safety At Work

6 min read Jon Koppari, Specialist Instructor for OSHA Details. How can a safety manager, who is not an electrician, look for electrical dangers? Jon Koppari, Specialist Instructor for OSHA, answers that question and many more in this podcast. Jon is an OSHA certified trainer in construction safety, CPR/AED, NFPA 70E electrical issues …

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Inspection Checklists and Their Role in Safety

safety checklist, safety inspection

4 min read All workplaces have to do periodic inspections of things like safety procedures, equipment, personal protective equipment (PPE) and exit routes. These inspections help businesses make sure their operations are up to code and functioning well, and they can be useful in office environments, manufacturing floors, warehouses, laboratories and many other …

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Observing Posture to Improve Ergonomics

ergonomics, musculoskeletal disorders

4 min read Musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) occur frequently in the workplace and in 2011 accounted for a third of all injuries and illnesses reported, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. These injuries result in time away from work and lost productivity, which significantly impact employers in addition to employees. In 2009, MSDs …

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Ladder Safety – 10 Questions

< 1 min read Dave Francis, National Safety Director of Little Giant Ladder Systems Details. The big battle in ladder safety is “3 points of contact” vs. “3 points of control.” Listen to ladder expert Dave Francis discuss this “3 points” debate. Dave answers 10 questions on fall protection vs. fall prevention, fiberglass ladders …

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An Earthquake At Work

< 1 min read Melinda Davis of The American Red Cross Details. What if a seismic event happens in the workplace? Hear how managers and workers should get ready for tremors. Melinda Davis of The American Red Cross explains that standing in doorways is not safe! That old advice is now outdated. Melinda and …

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Accident Investigation – Root Cause Analysis

hazard vests, accident investigation

5 min read When an accident occurs at your facility and an employee gets hurt, a quick assessment of the situation might find the employee wasn’t wearing proper PPE or wasn’t following procedures. This could lead accident investigators to conclude that the employee in question needs to be reminded about complying with safety …

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