Rules for Exit Routes – OSHA Standards 1910.36 and 1910.37

means of egress

4 min read An exit route might seem like one of the simplest parts of a workplace. Just look for the exit sign and head for the door, right? In theory that may be true, but technically speaking, exit routes must have specific features and meet detailed OSHA requirements. OSHA has begun focusing …

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6 Reasons to Invest in a Visual Workplace

safety sign, danger sign

5 min read A visual workplace uses tools like safety signs, labels, floor markings and other visual cues to communicate information quickly. This information may alert people to hazards, serve as a reminder or provide instructions. You may think your workplace doesn’t need added visuals. Maybe you have a good safety record and production …

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Safety Recognition Programs That Work

< 1 min read Steve Geigle of OSHAcademy Safety & Health Training Details. Find out why most safety recognition programs fail. Steve Geigle, an OSHA trainer for 16 years, gives tips how to build a successful program that tracks leading indicators (near misses), not lagging indicators (accidents and injuries). He offers the 15 S’s …

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How to Select Ergonomic Hand Tools

hand tools, hand safety

6 min read When people think about hand safety they often think about gloves. And rightly so: gloves help prevent cuts and scrapes, keep out chemicals and protect against extreme temperatures. Hand safety doesn’t just involve hazards related to the skin, though. Ergonomics play a significant role in hand safety over time, and …

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Respect For People And A3

< 1 min read Bill Greider of P4 Lean Strategy Consulting Details. Lean thinker Bill Greider coaches companies on using “A3” teams to do bite-sized improvements all around a company. With A3, businesses can fix near-misses, production inefficiencies and even customer complaints. A3 employs “respect for people” from the Toyota Production System. Scroll to …

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