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10 Holiday Travel Tips for the Airport

This holiday season is sure to bring joy and happiness into your family, but for some there's one thing you're not looking forward to -- the airport. Here are 10 holiday travel tips for the airport that will help keep your spirits up this season.

10 Holiday Travel Tips for the Car

The busy holiday season is once again upon us, but it's important to take the time and remind yourself of the dangers that come with it, especially when traveling by car. Here are my top 10 travel tips to keep you safe and sane behind the wheel this season.

Obesity in the Workplace

Obesity has become a national epidemic that impacts everyone, including those who are not obese. The health risks are tremendous, but the financial implications are starting to add up. Here's some alarming numbers and some things your workplace can do to fight against obesity.

Prevent Slips and Falls with Anti-Slip Floor Tape

More and more facilities and safety managers are turning to anti-slip or traction tape to prevent slips and falls in the workplace. There is a tremendous upside to using an anti-slip tape. It's cost effective and can be used in just about every part of your facility to help prevent accidents associated with slips and falls.